Medios for Social Commerce

Revenue in the eCommerce market in Kenya is projected to reach $2.7Bn in 2024.

Will you make bank?

The Internet has over
Kenyans online, and is changing how we work, play, shop, and stay informed.

As more and more Kenyans adopted the hybrid working model during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 recorded growth in the number of users who rely on social media as their main source of news (24pc).

WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube are the most used platforms for entertaining the masses with Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok appealing to more niche audiences.

To that effect, we built Promo.Ke (Click here to visit the platform)

A Social Commerce platform & ecosystem that connects your brand to an audience of over 11.1 million Kenyans looking for a good deal.

Our Social Commerce marketplace can help your products and services reach over 11.1 million customers through SMS messages, Email Newsletters, Online Publishers, Social Media Content, as well as our network of influential Content Creators.

We exist to simplify online marketing and grow sales using digital technology

Our simple three step process

Step One

Let’s put together the deal that’s almost too good to be true.

Instant gratification in discounts and bundled offers is what gets the attention of online consumers. Our specialists can help you build the deal that sets your business up for success.

95% of our campaigns are instantly profitable

Step Two

Boost for reach and visibility of the deal using attribution technology

Our attribution technology allows you to track the most effective marketing channel. You can measure the reach, engagement and conversion of each campaign and get daily reports

We integrate promo into your Analytics and CRM

Step Three

Track performance and optimize to achieve the desired results.

Our technology and digital ecosystem delivers real customers in real time. Our specialists help you tweak your campaign to excite your customers and get the best return-on-investment.

We also help you to up-sell to your existing customers

Ready to BOOST your sales?