What kind of management do you do?

We approach our management role by viewing your brand as a business entity. Just as any business has its distinct roles and responsibilities, we take on the role of 'Executive Directors' within this brand partnership. This arrangement allows you to focus on the creative aspects and content creation, while we handle the strategic, commercial and managerial aspects.

Together, we work towards building a thriving, sustainable brand that consistently delivers value to your audience, ensuring they have the opportunity to engage with your content more consistently and enjoy your unique offerings.

What kind of creators do you work with?

We value creators who are passionate and committed to their craft. While we generally prefer to collaborate with creators who have already made strides in their journey, we recognize the dedication and expertise that come with experience. This allows us to focus on the finer details and achieve smoother collaborations.

If you're a creator with a smaller following but possess exceptional expertise and influence within your niche, we're open to exploring unique opportunities tailored to your strengths. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships, so don't hesitate to reach out and discuss how we can work together effectively.

Do you charge a fee to manage me?

We operate on a commission-based model, which means there are no monthly fees or retainer charges. Instead, our compensation is tied to the success we help you achieve. We take a commission for every dollar earned during the course of our management relationship. This ensures that our interests are aligned, and we're fully invested in helping you succeed.

If I come under your wings, does my brand as a creator have to take a similar direction as the others you manage?

Excellent question, and the answer is no.

While we do have a set of rules and guidelines that our creators follow, it's important to note that these guidelines are designed to benefit both you and us. They ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of expectations, which ultimately helps you seize opportunities without any unexpected hiccups.

As for your brand direction, we fully respect and celebrate the uniqueness of each creator. We firmly believe that no two ideas are identical, and we're here to support your individuality. Your brand will continue to evolve in its own distinctive way, guided by your vision and creativity.

Do I get to work with and mingle with other creators under Medios?

Absolutely, we not only encourage but also facilitate opportunities for creators to work together and build meaningful connections within the Medios community.

However, it's important to remember that collaborations are voluntary and depend on the mutual interest and agreement of the creators involved. We believe in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, but we also respect each creator's individual choices and preferences. Ultimately, we can't compel anyone to participate in activities they're not enthusiastic about.

Will Medios manage my social media accounts?

No, we won't manage your social media accounts. Your social media presence is entirely your responsibility.

Periodically, you may need to grant access to your account insights by signing into or integrating your accounts with third-party platforms. However, it's crucial to remember that under no circumstances should you share any login information or passwords with any Medios staff or employees unless you have received express written consent to do so.

We take your account security and privacy seriously, and this policy is in place to safeguard your digital assets.

Is that it?

Probably. But if you have questions about how this all works, please get in touch; fill in the form below. We love email, we love getting on the phone, and we’d love to talk you through our process.

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