Carrie Wahu


Who is Carrie Wahu?

Carrie Wahu is an artistic creator who expresses and creates content around hair, fashion, travel and lifestyle - inspired by nature and music. Carrie embarked on her creative journey in early April 2020. She used her digital platforms to inspire, entertain and bring knowledge about natural hair and expanded to fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel.
Carrie Wahu focuses on creating art; her content is carefully curated to be a masterpiece of its own. Most importantly, it’s created with love as that’s the foundation of every project.
She has freely engaged with her fans and followers at events she’s hosted such as Celebrity Bartender and Nywele Fest which did remarkably well.
Her exceptional and unique content creation has seen her digital engagement grow significantly mainly because it is unique in the creative space and to the audience.

Some of Carrie's past collaborations

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